634 Robertson Road S., Murray, KY 42071


Bert & Bud's Vintage Coffins
634 Robertson Road S.
Murray, KY 42071




1. Call or e-mail me to discuss your preferences such as the type or style of coffin you want, the kind of wood you prefer, fabric and colors for lining, handles, lid style and decoration, decorative molding, finish and other factors. If you don't know exactly what you want, we'll figure it out together. There is no charge for these consultations and no limit on how many calls it takes to work out the details.

2. When we have it all worked out I will give you a price quote that remains firm unless you request changes in the design that would require additional materials.

3. I will also give you a firm quote on the crating and shipping charges.

4. When you're ready to order, a non-refundable start-up deposit of 1/3 the price of the coffin is required. The balance plus crating/shipping charges are due when the coffin is finished but before it is shipped. Of course, if you prefer to pay the full price in advance I will accept it.

5. I accept personal checks; money orders; Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit cards; and PayPal.

6. I do not have space to store or hold finished coffins and must ship them as soon as they are completed. If you live within driving distance of Murray, Kentucky you can pick your coffin up here within seven days of completion. Beyond seven days a daily storage fee will be charged.



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