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         Black Gothic Toe-Pincher Coffin                                                                         
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Black Gothic Toe-Pincher Coffin made of ebonized red oak. Shown here with burgundy red lining but can be lined in any color fabric you prefer. Silver colored handle brackets and end caps are also available in gold color.


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Pope John Paul Replica Coffin
Pope John Paul II Replica Coffin, a near exact replica of cypress coffin in which Pope John Paul II was laid to rest in 2005. Corners feature hand-cut dovetail joints. Interior is upholstered in rich satin fabric the same color as the original. Original coffin had an inlaid cross and letter "M" (for Mary) as seen here. You can choose that inlay, no inlay, or something entirely different. Coffin also available in pine, poplar, oak, maple, walnut, cherry, mahogany and other woods.


Pope John Paul Replica

         Plain Toe Pincher Coffin
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Plain Coffins are unlined, unfinished and have no handles or decorative molding. Pine isn't your only choice. any wood. Plain toe-pincher coffins can be made of pine, poplar, oak, maple, walnut, cherry, mahogany and other woods. Wooden or metal handles available at additional cost.


Plain Red Oak Coffin

         Basic Toe Pincher Coffin                                                                                   
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Basic Toe-Pincher Coffins have flat lift-off lids, six wood or metal handles, and upholstered interiors of cotton or cotton blend fabric. Also available in pine, poplar, oak, maple, walnut, cherry, mahogany and other woods.


         Deluxe Toe PincherCoffin                                                                                    
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Deluxe Toe-Pincher Coffins feature a 2-tiered lid (either lift-off or hinged), plush interior upholstery in coffin and lid, six metal handles, stain and varnish finish, and personal touches such as figured cherry wood Celtic cross pictured here. Bud Davis will work with you in choosing fabric colors, finishes and determining how best to personalize your coffin. Also available in pine, poplar, oak, maple, walnut, cherry, mahogany and other woods.


         Special Order Coffins                                                                               
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A man who lives his life playing Santa Claus wants a coffin befitting his pastime.

A mixed martial arts master needs a coffin that doubles as his liquor cabinet.

A Native American tribal chief must have a coffin with tribal colors and carved images of sacred eagle feathers.

A film production company asks for a steamboat-themed coffin for a full-lenght documentray movie.

These are just a few of the highly personalized Special Order coffins I've been commissioned to build. If you are looking for something really unique, I'm here to help you. My long experience as an artist/designer/craftsman allows me to work creatively with my clients to produce unusually memorable results. E-mail me or call 1-270-753-9279 to start the conversation.
Santa Claus coffin made of white oak with colored-pencil
llustrations and lid molding.


Black Gothic Toe-Pincher with removable glass shelf insert   Tall Clock coffin made of poplar wood stained with cadmium red oil paint   Pope John Paul II style coffin with rail handles and wooden shelf insert


Steamboat coffin made of yellow pine.

Steamboat coffin upholstered interior.

Toe-pincher coffin made of cypress with red stained lid.

Detail of carved and painted eagle feather


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New handles coming soon.  

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