634 Robertson Road S., Murray, KY 42071

Coffin maker Roy "Bud" Davis has been designing and building custom wooden coffins since 1993. With advanced degrees in art and design, Davis builds every coffin to order, one at a time. No coffins or urns are kept in stock. His products have been shipped to points all over the United States from coast to coast and border to border. Serving pre-need customers only. Davis ensures that every coffin and urn suits the needs, tastes and personality of each client.
                  Methods of Work

This method of bending the one-piece side board makes a very graceful but strong finished coffin. It sets Bud apart from other coffin makers who make up each side board from two shorter pieces joined together at the wide point with glue and screws.

Black Gothic Toe-Pincher

Pope John Paul Coffin Replica
Plain Toe-Pincher Basic Coffin
Deluxe Coffin Special Order Coffins


Urn Urn Urn
Urn Urn Reliquary


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